Wednesday, May 20, 2009

thank you for calling the TR Medora Foundation.

Hmm, the internet connection is back (we will see for how long) but honestly, I have nothing interesting to say. My job makes me smile lots. For a people watcher like myself, well, I have amazing co-workers to watch and who basically constantly amuse me. Still waiting for the town to come to life, I have been promised it will some time soon. Still waiting on a paycheck so I can go have fun when the town comes to life, I have been promised that will come some time soon. Well, I guess that phrase fits quite a lot of who I am, but that is another story, for another venue. Oh! I did very literally implant my head into a desk today, now that I think about it, I am quite proud of that accomplishment, but at the moment it was just a reaction to one too many telephone calls swimming around in my brain. For now, it is work as usual and an unhealthy relationship with the BBC comedy podcast and anime blended with a healthy dose of wandering about aimlessly *sigh*

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