Saturday, May 16, 2009

*huff puff huff huff*

Day one on the phones entailed a call from the president of the Medora Foundation, a trick call from my boss (he thought he was funny *stomps off pretend angry* It was funny though), a couple credit card fails, even email fails, people who messed things up and needed me to fix things, lots of number, lots of typing, lots of trying to not hyperventilate, etc. After my first day on the phones, Erica and I worked off a bit of calorie and stress by hiking three miles. Along the way, I took proof, I mean pictures, that we made it. Enjoy.
walking around town.

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  1. So...when can i come move in with you? I already mentioned I'm alright with sharing a room with a by room i mean stall and by stall i mean, well, he can sleep on one side with his manure and i'll sleep on the clean bedding. I'll even exercise them every day! We can go play in the mountains...when i say play i mean get lost for half a day and wonder when someone will come looking for us...