Thursday, May 21, 2009

a day.

What a day! First day up at the front desk of the Badlands Motel *feels stress building up* Thankfully I happen to be a personality that lets most stress turn into amusement and laughter and especially with the people I get the privilege of working with, it is very easy for stress to be transformed into smiles. I'm pretty proud of myself *brushes off shoulder* I am starting to feel the confidence I have been feigning over the phone for the past week, props for good training and patient team leaders/members (So essentially I am proud that I can listen well, so what? Let me have my moment :) ). I got to meet my ACMNP team member number three today, Keith Smith from Pittsburgh, PA, he's pretty schweet. After getting off work a touch late (yay for craziness), I had the best dinner I have had since being here. The food, while better than Alpha was not terribly noteworthy, but the company made the meal perfect. The angel who picked up poor lost Erica and I from the Greyhound stop who is also the genius who takes care of all our HR needs, Steph, ate with us. As did the always lovely (guys, be jealous that she is in North Dakota and nowhere near you) Kristen, who is also the soul who needs your prayers because she is in charge of managing Erica, myself, and ten bazillion other people who work for the motels, and my new friend Keith, and even a visit from Randy, the always personable president of the Medora Foundation (I had to transfer a call from him on my first day and I messed it up *implants head into desk* but he was really nice about it). Suffice to say, good food, great company (not that we all work for a great company or anything). I really do enjoy my time out here, it is a healthy place to be, maybe there is something in these rocks that keeps people coming back, but I am pretty sure it is the people here that keep people coming back.

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