Friday, July 31, 2009

more for the list.

27. Soy milk and the crap I get from a certain Californian when I drink it.
28. Knitting.
29. "oh geez" with a North Dah-coe-den accent
30. Running around the lobby chasing moths with a fly swatter cause it was late and we were bored.
31. the bucket check and the loss of all hope in the soul of whoever does the Bunkhouse side.
32. the number of text messages sent between the hours of midnight and four am.
33. the legitimacy of cowboy hats, western shirts, and golf gear.
34. Jeremiah calling me Nat King Cole.
35. talking with all the international workers and gleaning as much knowledge from them as I can.
36. my hobo like ability to sleep wherever there happens to be a flat place and a blanket.
37. taking "baby steps."
38. shamelessly making the fellas cook for me.
39. getting caught drooling over an Egyptian or a stable hand.
40. sitting in the catholic church at insane hours pondering life and light.
41. the Cowboy Cafe.

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