Monday, July 20, 2009

the curious incident of promises and weakness.

I am learning something about human nature that every ounce of my soul refuses to accept- promises are broken and people are weak. God, he gets the whole concept of a promise and the strength it takes to keep one, this is an encouraging thought, but that is one trait of his that I do not think his children have learned. Whether it be a promise I make to myself, or one I enter into with someone else, I will inevitably fail to have the strength needed to keep it in and of myself.
I have entered into promises to help those I care about, but I keep running out of strength. I cannot carry other’s burdens the way I want to. I want to be strong. Strong enough to take care of those I love, but I now know I cannot do that. But, I also realized that it was wrong of me to agree to carry someone else’s burden. There is only One who can carry the burdens of life and me asking to help Him is me saying that He is not strong enough. In the same way that I have to lay my burdens at his feet, so I also lay down my claim to the burdens of those I love, may His healing be strong enough to bring peace.

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