Monday, August 24, 2009

the end.

Well. The summer has come to its official end. It has been lit on fire and the ashes sent out to sea. I have done many things since my last blog, mainly because my last blog was a while ago *shame face*. But now I am back at school, getting ready to begin growth group leader training and wondering exactly how I managed to get two thousand miles away from the place I have grown to love the last few months? And please do not get me started on the dear faces that I I will not get to see...
This summer has taught me many things, some of the lessons were easier than others and perhaps I still have more things to learn from my experiences this summer. While I work on sulking though all the homesickness for this tiny little town where I left a piece of my heart, I am looking forward to all the joy, people, and new experiences this year will bring. I will be grateful for the day where there are no more goodbyes (if such a day exists) and to have a patch of dirt that is my home, but until then, I will wander and enjoy my three addresses, learning to live and love in the present, and testing just how quickly and how tightly I can pack a suitcase for the next adventure.

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