Saturday, June 13, 2009

life inside the music box.

" I close my eyes and think that i have found me but then I feel mortality surround I want to sing another melody so different from the one i always sing." - Regina Spektor, the Music box

The last couple of days have left me humming this song. I had a fantastic evening with my lovely call center friends on Thursday at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue and the Medora Musical. I figure with the number of tickets we have sold to both of those, it might be a good idea for us to actually go experience what we talk about for eight hours a day, five days a week. So many people came out on one of the most lovely nights we have had so far in Medora. The food was great, the show was fantastic, but the company was the best part.
Last night Erica and I were in a car accident. We must have had an incurable desire to side swipe an exit sign going around 70 mph because that is what we did. After talking with the sheriff today, it seems that sign possibly saved our lives because it kept the car from rolling. We got the royal treatment, rescue unit tried to cut me out, but the poor little Hyundai had no intentions of letting me out, so I got pulled out the back on a stretcher by some fantastic police officers and EMTs, they took such good care of me. Poor Erica was ready to lose it, but I am thinking God held her together, he was certainly the glue that kept me together. The side air bag saved my head and the seat belt saved the rest of me. The car is totaled, but after some x-rays, it seems that Erica and I escaped with nothing more than a couple tiny scratches and some achy spots. Our story would be a bit more believable if we had some serious contusions or something, but I would rather be doubted than be permanently damaged any day. We took the day off to recuperate, but we should be back in the full swing of things tomorrow. I have to say I did get pretty freaked out by the whole thing, but having a couple of the guys I work with coming out to the hospital to be with me and Erica made me feel very loved and all the hugs and visits (did I mention the hugs?) from all the lovely people I work with after we got back into town made my heart sing and my eyes leak (since I don't cry O.o).
Oddly the part of this whole thing that reminded me of my mortality (song reference) was not the accident, it was the sunset tonight. Seeing a gazillion delicate shades of orange and pink and blue dance across the sky and peak through the hills of the badlands reminded me that while every breath aches a little right now and if you poked me, I would bawl, it is all absolutely worth it! I want to feel all of life, the sore parts, the scary parts, the lonely parts right along with the parts that remind me that I am loved and cared for. Thanks sunset for that little reminder of just how beautiful everything is, even if it fades into darkness at the end of the day.

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